OCZ Vector one hundred fifty 240GB SSD evaluate

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regardless of rumours of an OCZ supply manner the wee SSD upstarts are however making new drives. This new OCZ Vector one hundred fifty is the leading edge successor to their closing excessive-end drive. It’s packing new reminiscence expertise and some funky Flash administration to substantiate this energy lasts and OCZ have additionally acquired some spectacular actual-world numbers to once more the Vector 100 and fifty up. compared with the could of Samsung, and their massively successful SSD fluctuate, OCZ is a tiny firm. on the other hand they bought into the stable state recreation early and made the daring transfer of shopping for up their very own memory controller creators, Indilinx. This makes them one of the vital few producers now not merely using off-the-shelf Marvell or SandForce silicon of their drives, very similar to the Korean huge.

I used to be an incredible fan of the unique OCZ Vector power, which popped up spherical a year or so in the past. It produced spectacular 4K random effectivity and was once knocking throughout the upper limits of the SATA 6Gbps for sequential learn / write effectivity. Importantly moreover they provided a 5 12 months assure with it too, serving to us all overlook the reliability considerations which plagued the OCZ Vertex four. This new Vector 100 fifty takes that even extra. It on the other hand offers the identical 5 12 months guarantee, however OCZ in the meanwhile are claiming a lot better persistence for the NAND Flash reminiscence on the coronary coronary heart of the force. the unique Vector used to be rated at 20GB/day writes for its lifetime, alternatively OCZ have boosted that by the use of 2.5x as much as 50GB/day.

That’s an immense raise in persistence, which is especially impressive given that they may be the usage of new NAND with a smaller manufacturing course of and inherently decrease patience. The 19nm Toshiba NAND Flash is just about the easiest memory tech which that you can have in SSDs in the interim and OCZ have used a mix of over-provisioning (which is why you get a 240GB functionality quite than 256GB) and a few proprietary Flash administration to achieve these touted persistence ranges.

artificial SSD speed assessments yield predictable results. For incompressible knowledge it’s a shade beneath the 500MB/s mark for each reads and writes, giving a nearly an identical exhibit in my benchmarking suite as Samsung’s 840 EVO 250GB SSD. The Samsung energy does provide higher 4K random examine speeds, on the other hand, which can level out it has fairly of an phase in speedy home windows effectivity.

Mmm, Barefoot three controller and beautiful new 19nm NAND…

OCZ have made some claims about larger sustained SSD efficiency, although, and my benchmarks certainly once more that up. To show an actual-world utilization scenario I grabbed a chunky 38GB recreation folder and set each the Samsung and OCZ drives to repeat it. The OCZ drives managed to maintain its efficiency at a level with ease above the Samsung all the way through the prolonged duplicate. The 840 EVO took near to 5 and a half of of minutes to repeat the guidelines, whereas on the identical desktop the Vector 100 and fifty took spherical two minutes much less.

That’s a convincing express of precise-world efficiency, and is almost certainly going all of the means right down to the utilization of TurboWrite on the Samsung SSD. This makes use of a small quantity of the ability’s capability as one of those fast SLC reminiscence to enhance effectivity. For small portions of data that’s wonderful, however on the 120GB and 250GB drives it easiest comes with 3GB apportioned for the fake SLC memory and on such huge data units that runs out actual quick.

OCZ are at all times going to come back off 2nd-absolute best to the may just of Samsung, alternatively. The 840 EVO drives are inconceivable value due to Samsung’s manufacturing may just. Their 250GB SSD comes £50-strange cheaper than the slightly smaller OCZ energy at £200.

The Vector 100 and fifty although is rated to last more, so in case you’re planning on now not upgrading for some time the additional patience of the OCZ force may well be price that £50 high fee. And taking into consideration you’re moreover getting sooner actual-world efficiency too, the emblem new Vector 100 and fifty power makes a fantastic case for itself.


when it comes to the ultimate artificial effectivity on my Haswell-based totally check out rig there may be in fact not various distinction between the Vector a hundred and fifty and the competing 840 EVO drive. however it indisputably’s whilst you start throwing spherical an excessive amount of knowledge that concerns start to seem just right for OCZ.

Sequential examine effectivity
AS SSD – MB/s: larger is more healthy
OCZ Vector 100 fifty – 497
OCZ Vector – 514
Samsung 840 EVO – 494

Sequential write effectivity
AS SSD – MB/s: larger is best
OCZ Vector one hundred fifty – 482
OCZ Vector – 494
Samsung 840 EVO – 482

actual-world data swap effectivity
38GB file – Time in seconds: faster is more fit
OCZ Vector 100 and fifty – 212
Samsung 840 EVO – 300

A specifically excellent new OCZ drive, particularly whilst you dive into the true-world metrics

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