Payday 2: Armored Transport trailer steals a take a look at a brand new heist

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I will have made a really humorous shaggy dog story about Overkill having pilfered the U out of their very own title, however such geographically situated japes don’t have any scenario on a worldwide data juggernaut. Having had such hilarity snatched from my hands, i will wish to accept telling you about Armored Transport: a model new Payday 2 mission p.c that’s planning to launch an assault on its co-op crime enthusiasts tomorrow.

The DLC will embrace two new heists in opposition to the titular armoured car, available over six totally totally different locations. Do neatly at these, and you’ll be able to unlock a harder job, robbing an armoured teach to steady a defense force prototype. The p.c. can even embody three new weapons, 4 masks, and may let its homeowners host video games for these with out the DLC.

Armored Transport is out the following day.

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