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hello there each individual, we’re extremely excited to claim PAYDAY 2 is arriving on PS3 this month! We’ll be bringing the 4-participant co-op heisting you realize and love from the distinctive recreation, however higher, bolder, and badder, with a slew of recent options that if truth be told provide you a chance to reside out that theft myth your approach. Now beforehand of you go hitting that jewellery retailer without casing it in any respect, proper right here’s a handy guide a rough breakdown of the whole thing you wish to find out about PAYDAY 2.

1. It’s a cooperative theft delusion starring you and your mates
PAYDAY 2 is a sequel to the a success PAYDAY: The Heist, a sport first launched on PSN and laptop in 2011. each and every video video games are first-person cooperative shooters, firstly. each video video games share the equivalent excessive-depth “be a monetary establishment robber” notion on the other hand PAYDAY 2 actually builds on the theft expertise we pioneered inside the first recreation and takes it to a whole completely different stage. Our intention was once as soon as to make avid gamers in point of fact really feel as if they may be able to pull off one of the best heist. To make them really feel like DeNiro in heat, or Vinnie Jones in Lock, inventory and Two Smoking Barrels, and even Jesse Pinkman doing a cook in Breaking unhealthy – to are living out the dream of a successful existence in crime.

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2. cash is king
Any superb robber is aware of it’s all concerning the money. PAYDAY 2 provides a formidable financial machine that may pay you for each executed job. money is used for the whole thing, whether or not or now not it’s purchasing skill training, crafting that new weapon mod or customizing your Cthulhu masks with an OVERKILL emblem. And for those who get sloppy in conjunction with your bullets… that cleanup goes to price you too…

three. It’s an RPG now
neatly… not inside the expertise that you just’re clicking by way of talk trees or looking at decrease scenes, and there’s no particular person named Cloud… however PAYDAY 2 undoubtedly allows you to create your particular person prison and make the kind of robber you want so it is advisable to play the position you choose.

There are four absolutely totally different skillset archetypes, each with 36 utterly totally different talents and explicit equipment, which can be blended and matched since the participant likes: Mastermind, Enforcer, Ghost, and Technician. each archetype has a distinct set of strengths and talents, and if a participant needs to be a stealthy man who likes to each so continuously elevate a observed and be deadly with a silenced shotgun she or he merely should level up sufficient to spec the most effective Ghost and Enforcer skills. Don’t disregard that moveable observed.

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however the RPG comparisons don’t stop there. ending a job method you get a Payday, when you get a random probability of money, masks, masks components, or weapon changes, all of which can also be utilized to customise your robber’s look and effectiveness. With 15 million diversifications to begin – gun nuts and masks-enthusiasts have a lot to sit down up for.

4. additional missions, extra dynamics
In PAYDAY 2 there are 5 occasions as many scenarios as there had been on Payday: The Heist, served up by way of the emblem new Crime.web, our dynamic mission provide device. Crime.web is the mission hub the place players could make a call a wide range of mission difficulties, every paying commensurately extra XP and loot as the chance will raise.

The missions themselves are insanely dynamic and randomised, so the entire thing from the position of cameras to civilian numbers to vault placement and contents and even the place the getaway automobile arrives (or if it’s a automotive in any respect!) is random, including a ton of replayability.

We even have multi-day jobs now with the intention to exchange maps whereas on the most important heist, and even interrupt them dynamically with a fully new map (known as an get away) if concerns go actually, really unsuitable on a heist. easiest watch out. You don’t are looking to prove bleeding out and the flawed manner up for your automobile defending your loot when you find yourself speculated to be sipping cocktails throughout the safehouse.

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5. The Safehouse
want to go someplace protected and follow your lock selecting with no being shot within the face? Or admire your fat stacks for your very non-public financial institution vault? Or test-fireside a couple of of your newly crafted weapon mods? Head over to your stable dwelling the place all this (and further) is available for you.

6. the easiest heist is now possible
PAYDAY 2 provides stealth. the great majority of missions will also be achieved with out environment off alarms and in lots of cases, with out even firing a shot. that you could be jam the alarm, make a selection a lock, silently prepare a drill, knock out a offer protection to, flip off his pager with a “only a weapons malfunction” whisper, get that vault open, take hold of the loot, and go in your merry means. It ain’t simple on the other hand then an excellent crime shouldn’t be, correct?

7. Simon Viklund: Redux
Our audio director, Simon Viklund of Bionic Commando/Payday: The Heist recognition moreover did the PAYDAY 2 soundtrack – and voice-acted Bain. check out move-take a look at his stellar work right here.

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